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This portal has been designed for those who are or want to become a Certified Ethics Trainer or an Ethics Liaison.
If you are a public servant attempting to receive your mandated one hour of Ethics Training online, please use the Online Training Portal.
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Can I provide Ethics Training for my agency or other public servants?

Yes. The Board of Ethics encourages state and local government agencies to designate Ethics Education Liaisons who can proctor video training on Ethics for their staff as well as elected officials and political appointees. For more information about the Ethics Education Liaison Program, please read the program's brochure here.

The Ethics training department also provides an initial steps guide for public servants who will provide Ethics training for agencies. Please click here to download the guide.

Requirements for ethics trainers and proctor/liaisons:
  • State agency ethics liaisons (SAEL) - Click here to download a fact sheet on being a SAEL.
  • Political subdivision ethics liaisons (PSEL) - Click here to download a fact sheet on being a PSEL.
    (A political subdivision is any unit of local government, including a special district, authorized by law to perform governmental functions.)
  • Certified ethics trainer (CET) - Click here
  • to download a fact sheet on being a CET.
For a complete copy of the Third Party Training rules click here.

How do I register as my agency's Ethics Agent pursuant to La. R.S. 42:1170C(4)?
  • Please click here to register and create your Ethics Education Liaison profile if you have not already done so. After you create your profile and are logged in, please select “Create a New Training Report/Registration” and complete the LiaisonReg form, which must be signed by the head of your agency.”